Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Phoebe is walking on the grass

I am in the grass at school on the field. I like the field at Phoebe

Pyjama day

I like Pj's I cant wait to pyjama day a school. I like my onesies I am going  to wear my onesies to school  on Friday. I like pjs a school.

End of Term

Ebony says: You did a fantastic job at your student led conference. It was awesome to see your confidence when talking about your learning Phoebe. Since the start of the term you have made good progress at taking on new challenges, especially with your device. Keep up the hard work!

Daylight Savings

WALT: clarify unknown words when we read

Success Criteria:
  • stop
  • ask someone for help (like an adult)
I can't say the word...
  • sound it out
  • reread
  • look at the pictures
I can say the word but I don't know what it means...
  • look at a glossary
  • read to the end of the sentence
  • look at the pictures
  • ask someone who might know about the topic

Ebony says: This is a great start to clarifying words you do not fully understand. This article was a bit of a challenge to read but you did a fantastic job at identifying the tricky words and the words you can read but do not understand. Keep up all the reading practice you are doing because it really is paying off!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Term 1 values

Ebony says: You have really come out of your shell this term Phoebe. It has been really neat seeing you be more independent with your device as your confidence has grown. Keep it up!

Reflections for term 1

About the marae

WALT: write a recount

That means we are writing about an experience that we have had.

Success Criteria:
  • Write what we enjoyed
  • Write about how we felt
  • Add detail about what I did
  • Write about what it looked like

I liked the carvings. The carvings are pretty. i felt  scared because of the new people because I didnt know them. it is fun at the marae. the carvings looked  smiley to me. the  carvings are like maori people. the carvings are like patterns on the wall. The End.
By Phoebe

Ebony says: This is a good recount of your time at the marae Phoebe. I agree, the carvings are pretty and look like they are very special. I have highlighted 'pink for think' for some capital letters. Perhaps this might be your next step.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Room 13 house groups graph

WALT: make and read a graph

Success Criteria:
  • labels
  • title
  • colour
  • data (information)
  • author

I made a pie graph about the house colours in our classroom.

What is the most popular?
The most popular house

Ebony says: It would be great to see a picture of your graph Phoebe. I thought you did a great job collecting the information. Good job.