Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Name:What can we do to stop the soldiers from fighting?

New Report 
Name: What can we do to stop the soldiers from fighting?

Many soldiers from New Zealand are going to war and getting badly hurt or dying.
Sorry I didn't introduce myself I am Phoebe, one of the News Reporters.

War is when soldiers go to this place were they fight, and stay there over nights and nights  

We can stop the fighting!

 You can help us by doing some writing and send it to the prime-minister to stop the fighting. That would be Awesome.

 Firstly fighting is not cool to be involved in because it's not friendly.
It's not friendly because soldiers come home injure or not coming home.
No choice to go to war.
I would not like to have no choice but go to war. It's not safe
Who would go to a not safe place.

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Secondly soldiers fight and fight. In the past It was very hard for soldiers to stay alive because they were so hungry and there was not much water and that stuff :( 

Thirdly Some people in the past had no choice but to go to war that's not cool one little bit.

Today We have seen so much from our soldiers, but some soldiers from other countries  are so different to our soldiers and they fight differently, and that gets me so mad because it's like they are not doing it fairly.

 The soldiers did so much for NZ but I think it should stop because some people who fight get injured or sadly die:( 

I believe the Soldiers should not go to war because it is NOT safe and it’s not friendly one bit.

We need the soldiers to help us but we need to lookup to us not them so we can learn to be safe and they can have some time to be with there family's and maybe go on holiday.

We will be back tomorrow Bye bye for now. 

next time i should do some more writing