Thursday, 19 November 2015

Athletics day

Athletics day

we are off the bus we are here!!!
I go to the feet in my group  here is the feet teacher.
Here we are feets in the spot to do the run  hop into a spot ok so we do. on your marks go!!! I am (hot)no i am burning i am sweating i am puffing too!!!!!!!
i can’t make it. i hear people  my mummy saying go go go  you can do it i hear other feet going tap tap. I Say here is the time to do my thing. sprint sprint i did it i came 10th ohoh i am so happy this the best day of my life actually
i did’nt want  to do athleics but i do now so happy
now high jump oh this is not going to be good i hear phoebes name being called run jump aahahah
i came 20th. now i go to long jump awesome 2 more people then me i hear phoebsname being called hear i go i do an awesome job.
ever one hops in a bus at school now

the end

Sunday, 1 November 2015

My fear story

My fear story

Here I go up... 2 (two) minutes later...i am up, why am i up here. oh yes to go down the big yellow
side.i am in line. there this 6 people in the line.

i see people going down and hear people saying  don’t go down little girl. I say to dad I will go down first because I don’t want to be up here alone. Mum & Heidi & Claudia are going to watch me and dad go down the side.

 Here I go i get ready to go down i am saying... to myself stop phoebe stop not now + i am doing this for daddy, the water got faster  oh phoebe why did you do what you body said i am going to die i get pick up by the water. but what water did not take down the side.

I start move this is the end here i go ahhhahhahahhahahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     am of the side for about 10seconds. I am at the end of the side. the water go’s everywhere. go to mum and say i am not going to do that ever again. 


Because I want dad to think I can go down a big side like that. Why why… Why on earth. But I am not doing that again hi dad I am not doing that again I say to him that was so so silly of me to do that. Mum say why don’t we go home but dad says no we stay  

50 minutes later we go home dad says was that fun I say yes but no.

Dad says what do we do now.
The end