Thursday, 31 March 2016

camp writing

Description: I chose this piece of writing because it was one of my best piece of writing that i have done this term.
Sleep mess

Wow we are are here!!! I can't wait to get out of this stuffy bus! We’re out it’s hot out here too.we go to the hall the teachers say that  we we can go to the cabins that we are staying in!

It’s dinner time. After dinner it’s time for bed.
We hope into bed omg Atlanta ssshhh that mouth of yours you are a very good chatterbox like all night long!!!!!!+ Katie zip it stop sleep talking  and everyone stop farting please stop. Katie keeps moving onto my bed Atlanta moaned!
Someone said shut up. I say to myself why am I here? I need to do somethink about this sleep mess!!!
Then they have to go to the toilet ok l have had it so turn to the wall I finally get to sleep.

I think your writing is good because it is interesting. next time you could make it a bit longer.

I think I did a awesome hook
but I think I could make it longer.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My (family) whakapapa

We had been leaning about our famliy and we have been leaning about it in Maori.We made a list then we put it into a tree shape and put Our family's names on it 


Sister- Tuakana

Mum- Mumma


Cousin- Kaihana

Aunty-Whaea Keke

Uncle- Matua Keke



I thing I did a good job on getting a good amount of names on the page but next time I should make it more clear 
Feedback/ Feedward  I like how  went up really high on your family tree. Next time you could tell a bit more. Maria😀
Thanks Maria I will work on that 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word

This is my one word.we had to pick a one word then we had to take a photo then we went and got the  measurements for in the direction of hand to the other hand then we made a plan of what we where going to do then we made the real one that is how we did it.

Big ideaFor one word
Feedward/feedback I think you did well on making you one word pop out so it is clear. Next time you could add a theme maybe to your letters.
Thanks Emily I will work on that.
Evaluation I think I did a good with color but I need to make no mouse holes.

El Ranocho

This is my camp goals
We are going on camp next week