Tuesday, 28 June 2016


This afternoon we made planes I made a white tiger🐯.i put wings into it but I didn't want them to big because they will catch the weather.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sport start

So we have been doing sport start that is sport like gateways I have got a movie on gateways and rainbow strike its been really fun, we did do catch me if you can then we went to sport start then catch me if you can but we only got back to catch me if you can. Sport start is when we do fitness stuff like gateways. I love sport so its  fun for me.

feedback/feedforward you did really well at making the movie of gateways but you could go onto a new court because kids were in the way but you did do awesome.

I think I  did an awesome job at rainbow strike but I could work on gateways.

Girls club SLCT2 2016

Every day a group of girl go with Elly to do girls club and it the same group of girls every time, and once we made brownie because we had finish a chapter book, but we don't do it all the time that is what we pick that time.I am going really well because it has inspired memo do more reading at home.

feedback/feedforward: i think you could put some  more info but very good job.

I think i could say why i do girls club, but very good.

kapa haka SCLT2 2016

Description: every monday kids that have made the decision to do kapa haka, go to kapa haka,the kids that said that they didn't want to do it stay with Elly and Troy.you go to the hall and do kapa haka, what you do is sing song and  actions for the song.I am happy that i am in kapa haka, i hope next year more kids come to it, but not just for song for fun to, we have such a awesome team, a big thank you Nic and Rosie for making this happen.

feedback/feedforward Your description is good but you could put a bit more detail and about why you hope that more kids will come-Sophie

Evaluation: i think i do well at leaning the new songs and i am going really good, because its hard when leaning new song but i am starting to get  the hag of it.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Seed2tabble with Elly

Today we had seed2tabble with Elly and we are germinateing the seeds I did lettuce Elly found a pot fill of seeds  that's when I got the lettuce seeds here is a photo.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

douglas park sport exchange

so today we had a school from masterton come to our school for a sports exchange. we got to pick a sport out of netball, basketball, rugby, soccer and HOCKEY
as you see i picked HOCKEY
and we lost our game (hockey 1)
hockey 2 won there game
hockey 3 lost 
so we lost hockey and they took the flag.

This is me answering some question about douglas park sport exchange hope you enjoy!

Feedback/feedforward :

Very informative Phoebe. A positive, to the point video clip! Next time I'd try to find a quieter spot to film your clip....I know this is tricky in a busy environment. - perhaps this could be a suggestion for in class one day? I bet you are not the only one with chitter chatter going on in the background of your clips...

How about you get on to checking over your written work for any extra information that could really make this zing and a few errors..punctuation especially!
Justine (Mama)

I think that i could describe a bit more like the score of the three games. but overall i did an awesome job.

How to make a rainbow SLCT2 2016

The last 3 weeks my class (Nics class)  has been working with troy for science, troys class was with Elly, and Ellys class is with Nic, my class has been to Nics and troys.

And Troys theme is weather and me and my friend Sophie wanted to know how rainbows are formed so troy had a web of experiments that us kids could do some experiments everyone in my class did an experiment but some kids didn't because they didn't bring the stuff that they need or didn't bring 1 or 2 things.

Here is a video of the experiment that i did with Sophie.

Here is a video that me and Sophie did.

I think that i did a really good job at having a clear voice in the videos, i think i need to work on having louder voice.

Feedback/feedforward I think that you had a great clear voice but its maybe needs to be a bit more louder.-Bella

Monday, 6 June 2016

My goal for cross country

My goal cross country would to try my hardest to get in the top10-5 because I got 11 last year, and it would be cool to see how i inproved