Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Risk taking.

This is what we did today in the morning. I really loved it it was awesome.Abby did awesome, she didn't need to work on anything.


This team we have seen trying to make up this down thing down there it is very hard it has put me in the pit.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka is wear you learn songs and have awesome fun time. It's an awesome opportunity if your thinking about starting start know! And you get to learn new things it's one of the best things in school.thanks to roise and nic for making this happen.

I did a really good job of staying in time I will try putting more time into it, so i do better.but i did an awesome job!😝

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

self portraits

P4 and P3 have been working on some art and we have done self portraits. we started of with a plan then one with colour then with the face and colour, and the back bit had to say the story of us an that we loved. we had to have a bit of  every think, what was a bit hard to know wear to put every think.
in this slide we have some targets so we know what was hard and what was easy.

i did really good job of having not much white, so it popped.
but i could work on not having small things.

Feedback/Feedforwad:I think that you have learned lot and an alien would be able to understand
You don't need to work on any thing.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Discovery time

In discovery time we have been working on excellence on Monday I did sewing and I have some photos of the entire time I was doing it, I did really well sewing the pillow and i  showed resilience because i didn't stop when it was hard i just stayed on it. i show creativity by making the pillow.

I did  really well but I could work on the side.
Feedback and feed forward. I like how you made lots of creations but maybe it could just have start middle end so you have that but you have to of almost the same photos  
Thanks Bella for the feedback and feed forward I will work on that next time.

book buddies

in poutama we have this new thing called book buddies, if you don`t now what that is i am going to take some time to talk abot it, so it is ween two people get in a group  of two that read the same,pick a book that they like then they read the book, that is how you do it.

i am buddies with Sophie.
here is a slide about it.

evaluation i am doing really well at reading the book but i need to work on stay up to the chapter that Sophie is on,but i am going well.

feedback/feedforward I like how you added the actual videos not the links. it is hard to read the photo on page 10 so next time you could mabye do another copy in pen.
thanks rosie.
i will work on that next time.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

writing with nic

we have been working on organise our ideas  i am in with nic i have a slide of what we have been doing.that we have been looking when we just started, i have had a lot of fun doing /> i have a story here that go`s with my plan

here is a snipit of the story.

  i have a slide here all from the little idea i had that started the story of bacons life.